It’s called being happy. Get used to it, Danvers.


Detective Maggie Sawyer is a police detective of the National City Police Department and a member of the Science Police. Maggie is also the girlfriend of Alex Danvers.

A hard-working and tough woman, Maggie joined the police force, rising to the rank of detective and being later transferred to National City Police Department. Shortly after her arrival she began to routinely attend the alien bar and has a brief romantic relationship with one of the bartenders, Darla

Maggie is one of the few humans who does not have an anti-view on aliens in general; as she treats both humans and aliens alike with the same equal rights. And while not as scientifically specializing as her girlfriend, Maggie has proven capable of keeping up with the extraterrestrial at her own pace, having discovered the existence of an alien bar before the D.E.O did. Maggie also has a tough personality, but once you crack down her walls, she’s a cinnamon roll, being very supportive of Alex Danvers as the latter gradually came to terms with being a lesbian. She once cheated on an ex-girlfriend, but expressed extreme guilt over it, knowing that it was wrong and showing that she has a moral compass.

After Maggie’s parents rejected her after she came out as gay, Maggie became closed off to those around her. She doesn’t trust easily and doesn’t like to talk about herself and her problems, mainly out of fear of being rejected for who she is. After she started dating Alex Danvers, the latter started to help her heal and overcome this fear of being rejected, and help her to be not closed off to those closest to her.

According to Alex, Maggie likes guns and has a love for bonsai trees, as well as scotch.


Police detective at the National City Police Department
Member of the Science Police


Unnamed (father; estranged)
Unnamed (mother; estranged)
Unnamed (aunt)


Alexandra Danvers


Floriana Lima

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