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Season 2 Episode 3: Welcome To Earth Images and Video

Supergirl and the DEO are assigned to protect the President when an attack on her causes alien vs. human rights in National City to heat up. Alex investigates the case with Maggie Sawyer while Kara fears Mon-El may be responsible. Directed by: Rachel Talalay Written by: Jessica Queller and Derek...

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 Mini Review and Ratings!

OH MY GOODNESS. Generally I don’t rewatch an episode right after finishing watching it the first time. I’ve seen it, it’s great, time to move on but Supergirl is different. Supergirl is just about the only show I’m doing that for. IT. IS. THAT. GOOD. The Children of Krypton...

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Season 2 Episode 2: The Children of Krypton

Episode 2 is on tonight! Supergirl is hurt by a kryptonite-powered villain sent by Cadmus to attack National City. Superman blames Hank since the kryptonite was stolen from the DEO. In the meantime, Kara’s first day at her new job doesn’t go as planned when she meets her new boss. Guest Stars /...

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How Good Is Tyler Hoechlin As Superman?

 Tyler Hoechlin is Superman in Season 2 of the smash hit show Supergirl. That was the news that was released during the San Diego Comic Con. I think you may have heard a collective grown and shudder run through the fandom. We spent Season 1 watching Supergirl find her feet and the longer the...

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Supergirl Theme Is About The Family You Choose And Positivity

Why does Supergirl appeal to so many people and young girls find Supergirl to be a great role model? According to the cast and crew, the show is about more about it being a superhero show with a cape and flying through the air. It’s about the family that you choose – Kara is adopted...

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 1 Mini Review and Ratings!

Oh my goodness how did everyone enjoy the start of Season 2? That was mind blowing FUN (not sure the pod guy and Cadmus guy at the end and the explosions and the….) <g> The ratings were AMAZING 1.1 (3.024 million total viewers)! Those ratings have not been seen on The CW for six to...

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TONIGHT! Supergirl Season 2 Begins!

WOOOO! Tonight is the night when Season 2 begins. Reminder for Aussies – Fox 8 on Foxtel will air the show at the same time as the US hot off the satellite! So at 9:50 pm we will see Season 2 Episode 1. Check out he latest video!   Don’t miss the season premiere of #SupergirlCW,...

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New CW Supergirl Trailer!

It’s coming! CW has released a new trailer for the premiere of Season 2 on October 10 (US) and October 11 (Australia – 9:50 pm on Fox 8)   Up, up, and away! #SupergirlCW and Superman team up on the season premiere, Monday at 8/7c on The CW. — Supergirl...

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New Legends of Tomorrow Crossover with Melissa as Supergirl!

Legends of Tomorrow crossover trailer has been released with Melissa as Supergirl!   A new #LegendsOfTomorrow trailer has been released…WITH @MelissaBenoist‘s #SUPERGIRL & #JSA! — Supergirl Radio (@SupergirlRadio) October 7,...

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