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Supergirl Season 3 Episode 14 Schott Through The Heart Trailer

Crikey it's been a long break between episodes! CW has released the trailer for the April 16 episode Schott Through The Heart. Winn's mum is played by the incredible Laurie Metcalf. Watch the video!...
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Supergirl Nominated In The Saturn Awards

The Saturn Award nominations have been announced and Supergirl received three categories Best Superhero Television Series: Supergirl Best Actress on a Television Series: Melissa Benoist Supergirl...
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DC Comics Supergirl TV Statue

The Supergirl statue has been released by Icon Heroes. See below for the description and images of the statue. The statue, can be purchased from Amazon for $100 AUD (includes shipping). This statue...
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New Supergirl Promo Images

Supergirl is coming back on 16 April and we just got some new promo images for the return. Check them out!
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Third Worldkiller Pestilence Cast?

TV Line is reporting that Angela Zhou  (Hell on Wheels) has been cast in the role of National City surgeon Dr. Grace Parker. What's so special about Doctor Parker? Well speculation is that...
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Danvers Sisters Central – The Sisters Are Back!

Well this is EXCELLENT news – Season 1 was superb because Kara and Alex were quite a team. Season 2 not so much (and it was a huge shame but that’s how it goes). Seems like Season 3 is going to be the sisters are it again! Check out the spoiler from Entertainment Weekly: Outside of...

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New Supergirl Action Figure – A Review

DC Collectibles has a new Icons wave coming out in comic shops, which includes Nightwing and a “Superman vs. Doomsday” two-pack. Newsarama received two of the offerings from this wave, Supergirl and the Superboy/Robin “Super Sons” two-pack. Do they make the grade? Let’s find...

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What is Cat Grant’s New Job for Season 3?

Calista Flockhart is back for Season 3 and she has a new job! EW is reporting: Will Cat Grant have a new job when Supergirl returns? It certainly seems like it based on this new DC TV “Super Season” promo, which suggests that the Queen of Media (Calista Flockhart) is now President Olivia Marsdin’s...

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Melissa Benoist Wins Teen Choice Awards 2017

I’m not sure what I enjoyed the most: Melissa dancing or the award! This is super! Melissa won the Teen Choice Award! Check out the video and watch for her awesome dancing!  

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MORE Casting News – Maggie’s DAD + Pics and Video from the Set!

 Well this is interesting. The role of Maggie’s father has been cast which could bring a whole lot of new problems for Alex and Maggie! EW has confirmed that 24 alum Carlos Bernard is set to guest-star on the third season of Supergirl as Maggie’s (Floriana Lima) father, who is also a cop....

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Everything We Know About Season 3 (So Far)

So much going on right now with crossover news, Sanvers news, Karamel news, the big baddies news….here’s a rundown of everything we know and some we don’t know about the upcoming season. I’m SUPER excited about it all! Let’s go to the video first! The Official Season...

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What’s In Store for SANVERS for Season 3? Greg Berlanti Reveals

The following is a report from Entertainment Weekly. We are all worried about Alex and Maggie’s relationship now that Floriana is no longer a regular for Season 3. What does this mean for the relationship that Season 2 spent so much time building up? Well Greg Berlanti spoke about their...

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New Villains for Season 3!

The Hashtag Show has some interesting news for us and a breakdown of the new Season 3 villains in addition to Reign. I’m super excited that Adrian Pasdar will be on board. Whatever happened to Maxwell Lord? Who knows but it appears that Adrian is playing the business tycoon Morgan Edge....

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MTV Interviews Cast and Causes Untoward Pain To Fans

Well that was an earthquake size of an interview. To recap some of what has happened. Last year MTV interviewed the cast and Jeremy/Melissa and Mehcad did an impromptu Season 1 recap in song which was hysterical. This year the interviewer asked for a Season 2 recap and the job fell to Jeremy with...

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Video: The Super Awesome Katie McGrath About Lena and Season 3

I simply adore Katie McGrath both as herself and as Lena Luthor. Check out the video below to find out what we can expect from Lena.   Conversamos com Katie McGrath, a Lena Luthor de Supergirl! #WarnerNaSDCC — Warner Channel BR (@WarnerChannelBR) July 23,...

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Official Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

Oh my goodness. I’m really hoping Supergirl doesn’t go dark – I dislike dark gritty shows – they are all gloom and doom. Supergirl has been the bright shining light amidst the darkness. Let’s get Mon-El out of that wormhole so Kara can be happy again. Here is the...

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TV Line Interviews Supergirl Cast + Daxamite Theme Song!

These people are funny! In addition to finding out what’s in store for Season 3, introducing Odette as the new villain of Reign and (to my relief) Lena still being best buddies with Kara, the news that Mon-El may/will be back (YES! I want him back), there’s the new Daxamite theme song...

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SDCC Interviews with the Cast!

Seat42F has gone to SDCC and has come back with interviews with the cast for Season 3 – sit back and enjoy! Many thanks to Seat42F for the interviews Melissa   David   Mehcad   Chris   Katie   Jeremy   Odette (the newest cast member as REIGN)   Jessica...

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AUSXIP Interviews Helen Slater