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Video: Supergirl and The Charmed Sisters’ Powers – I think Kara Wins…

Who is the most powerful? One guess...she wears an S on her chest. Fun video to promote Supergirl and the Charmed reboot.
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New Supergirl Season 4 Poster!

WOW! The CW released the new Season 4 poster and it's...
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The CW Sundays – Supergirl & Charmed “Unite” Promo

The CW is expanding to Sundays with two hours of super powers. Supergirl Season 4 and the reboot of Charmed premieres Sunday October 14th on The CW....
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Supergirl SDCC Highlights From The Q&A

TV Line has highlights from the Supergirl SDCC Q&A : Supergirl is getting back to her roots in Season 4 — or Kara Danvers‘ roots, to be exact. “Kara Danvers the reporter is going to be...
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Video: Supergirl and Charmed | Day of Rest Trailer

No days off. Supergirl and Charmed are coming to SUNDAYS, starting October 14 on The CW! For Aussies this means we're getting the episodes on MONDAYS starting October 15 on Foxtel....
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New Supergirl Season 1 Trading Cards

  • Oh my goodness this is going to be a treat! (yes I caved early and bought a box!) The Girl of Steel is here! Supergirl Trading Cards Season 1 capture all the high-flying action of the first season of the hit TV series as Kara embraces her destiny and becomes the hero the world needs. The set features a 72-card Base Set, three Chase Sets, randomly inserted Autograph and Wardrobe Cards, foil variants, and more. Read more about the cards and you can order now!

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28 August 2018

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22 August 2018

Brent Makes Way For Bruce...

I was saddened by this news. Brent (Commander Data on Star Trek: TNG) was scheduled for a ongoing role in Season 4 but has to pull out due to a family issues. His replacement is another favourite of mine - Bruce Boxleitner (Captain Sheridan from Babyon 5). Before AUSXIP was born in 1996, I had a John and Delenn shipper page called The John and Delenn Information Page (see I wasn't that inventive when I came up with the Australian Xena Information Page). John and Delenn were INCREDIBLE characters. If you haven't watch Babylon 5 - YOU MUST. It is unbelieable and it also stars Claudia Christian as, inside joke. Claudia stars as Commander Susan Ivanova. SERIOULY cool. The whole cast of Babylon 5 were AMAZING. Fantastic show. Now getting back to Supergirl, here's the article about Brent being replaced...Supergirl Recast: Brent Spiner Replaced with Bruce Boxleitner Due To Family Issues

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03 August 2018

Season 4 News

My fandoms are colliding with Brent Spiner on Supergirl!


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Supergirl Confirmed for Season 4!

Here’s the  news we have been waiting for! The CW has confirmed that Supergirl is coming back for Season 4! As of right now (and barring any major changes to premiere dates), Supergirl...

Supergirl Nominated In The Saturn Awards

The Saturn Award nominations have been announced and Supergirl received three categories Best Superhero Television Series: Supergirl Best Actress on a Television Series: Melissa Benoist Supergirl...

DC Comics Supergirl TV Statue

The Supergirl statue has been released by Icon Heroes. See below for the description and images of the statue. The statue, can be purchased from Amazon for $100 AUD (includes shipping). This statue...

New Supergirl Promo Images

Supergirl is coming back on 16 April and we just got some new promo images for the return. Check them...

Third Worldkiller Pestilence Cast?

TV Line is reporting that Angela Zhou  (Hell on Wheels) has been cast in the role of National City surgeon Dr. Grace Parker. What’s so special about Doctor Parker? Well speculation...

Reign Is Livin’ On A Prayer…

Wasn’t last night’s episode just SUPERB? This season has been OUTSTANDING so far. Reign is the most perfect of baddies. The big surprise for me was Mon-El and his Bon Jovi addiction....