The Hollywood Reporter has some interesting speculation about the future of Reign. 


Two down, one to go | After a full season of build-up, it was shocking to see Supergirl kill off two of the three Worldkillers in one fell swoop. In this week’s action-packed episode (which felt like a season finale in a lot of ways), Kara (Melissa Benoist) was able to rely on her classic ability to appeal to a villain’s humanity. She reached Purity’s human side Julia (Krys Marshall), who was then able to use her Worldkiller powers to kill Pestilence (Angela Zhou), since a Worldkiller is the only thing that can kill another Worldkiller. But Julia died in the fight as well, meaning that Sam/Reign (Odette Annable) is the only Worldkiller left standing. She also seemed to absorb the energy from both Worldkillers’ deaths. Does this mean that Reign will be completely invulnerable now that there are no other Worldkillers left to face off with her? Or is this perhaps a sign that Supergirl will be able to reach Sam deep down within Reign and appeal to her humanity like she did with Julia? If Sam is able to wake up and use her own Worldkiller powers on herself to stop her Reign alter ego, that would be quite the emotional climax to this season. But with six more weeks until the season three finale, there’s no telling where this final Worldkiller story is going. If Supergirl introduced Pestilence only to kill her off the next week, maybe there is more to the Reign story than meets the eye. What if she becomes the Blight instead of Pestilence (as history predicted), and Supergirl actually does have to travel to the future to finish off this season?

A sign of things to come | Despite James (Mehcad Brooks) deciding not to check out Lena’s (Katie McGrath) secret vault because he trusted her, it turns out that she’s been hiding an even bigger secret that could lead to a major blow-up. Not only does she have a stash of kryptonite, but she’s learned how to manufacture it. And now she’s told James, who will have to decide whether or not to share that secret with Kara and the DEO. Throughout the series, Supergirl has explored whether or not having Luthor blood makes Lena more susceptible to becoming a villain, and her willingness to make the one thing that can kill Supergirl and keep it a secret might be a sign that the show isn’t done asking that question.  

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