Season 3 is fast turning into the best best so far on the show (IMO). There is so much to love about the season including the introduction of Samantha / Reign and now the Legion of Superheroes. I simply ADORE Samantha / Reign and now the Legion – my favourites being Brainy (he’s so cute and dorky) and Imra (Saturn Girl = LOVE her accent).

TV Line Interviewed Amy Jackson (Saturn Girl) and of course the topic of Mon-El, Imra and Kara – messy love triangle things which is nonsense. Mon-El married Imra after he was thrust into the 31st Century. He wasn’t going to pine away for Kara who by then would have been dead. 

Amy was more interested in talking about how Imra’s admiration of Kara / Supergirl. In Episode 10 we saw a snippet of Imra’s powers – mind you levitating weights and flinging them at Reign wasn’t that special BUT there is more to Saturn Girl than that and we are going to find out in Episode 11. Imra (as Saturn Girl) is a founding member of the Legion of Superheroes. How’s that for Girl Power, eh? I’m LOVING it. Added to all of that and two of my favourite baddies in Psi and Livewire – (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Livewire) will join forces with Saturn Girl and Supergirl to go up against Reign. 

“I love the way Saturn Girl looks at Supergirl,” Jackson says. “[Imra is] from the 31st century, where they literally have statues of Supergirl. That’s her icon, her idol, so to be able to meet her in real life is so special. Supergirl’s acceptance of her is almost more important than any of her other relationships.”

Jackson calls Monday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c) a “major turning point” for the battle against Reign, as Supergirl and Saturn Girl team up — with Livewire and Psi, no less — to launch a new attack. “I’m glad viewers will get to see it’s not all about the love triangle,” she adds. “It’s about superheroes coming together to accomplish the task at hand. That’s what it’s really all about.”

“This episode, in particular, shows [Saturn Girl] to her full extent,” Jackson says. “She’s not just someone’s wife, she’s one of the founding members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She’s kind, she’s an idealist — and she’s powerful.”