These people are funny! In addition to finding out what’s in store for Season 3, introducing Odette as the new villain of Reign and (to my relief) Lena still being best buddies with Kara, the news that Mon-El may/will be back (YES! I want him back), there’s the new Daxamite theme song (just hysterical). Just watch Katie’s face as they are singing it! Just hysterical.

On the non-musical side of things, in the video Q&A:

* Season 3 addition Odette Annable playfully warned that her character, “worldkiller” Reign, will be “the best villain… that’s ever reigned!”

* Benoist spoke of Smallville alum Erica Durance being the “perfect” pick to fill Laura Benanti’s shoes as Alura

* Katie McGrath expounded on the refreshing Lena/Kara friendship

* David Harewood shared his excitement about having a onetime voice of Martian Manhunter, Carl Lumbly (Alias), play his TV dad

* Brooks previewed a CatCo shake-up that will stir some “soul-searching” in James

All that, and more!

The CW’s Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c.