Meh. How much of this is idle chatter to bolster the premiere of Season 3 and how much of this is actually real? We don’t know BUT is speculating on the news that a major character will bite the dust in the season premiere. Which character? What show? Is it Supergirl? We don’t know but I’m not liking the speculation that it may be Maggie – that would be EXPLOSIVE considering Alex just proposed and it would cause so much angst in the fandom since their relationship was a fan favourite. Or it might be Cat. Oh no. Not Cat. Please not Cat or Maggie.

In May, “Supergirl” producers announced Floriana Lima has opted not to become a series regular for season 3 as Maggie. Fans assumed it will be her murder that will happen in the show as hinted in the blind. Floriana Lima, however, only joined the series in the second season so she’s not an original cast member. Others said it could be Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) who will likely be killed off in the “Supergirl” season 3 premiere on The CW. It will once and for all settle Calista Flockhart‘s status on the show. When “Supergirl” moved production from Los Angeles to Vancouver, the actress decided she will scale down her participation in the show due to family obligations. Calista Flockhart only appeared in a total of four episodes last season, out of the 22.

We wait to see.