Well that was an earthquake size of an interview. To recap some of what has happened. Last year MTV interviewed the cast and Jeremy/Melissa and Mehcad did an impromptu Season 1 recap in song which was hysterical. This year the interviewer asked for a Season 2 recap and the job fell to Jeremy with assistance from Melissa and Mehcad. Now I’m not sure how much Jeremy practiced this or if it was impromptu but it was going to well UNTIL he came to Lena and Kara’s friendship and then he screwed it up.

Having now seen the clip of the interview/song, I have a few things to say. Firstly Jeremy made a point of emphasizing that Kara and Lena were JUST FRIENDS. Everyone knows the amazing chemistry that Melissa and Katie have on screen and that their characters share an amazing friendship. Some fans see this as more and thus SUPERCORP (love the name) was born. Shipping the relationship between Kara and Lena has been a wild ride. I love those two and the idea they would be romantically linked isn’t a bad idea to me.

Now apparently Jeremy made a point of emphasizing the “JUST FRIENDS” part for Kara and Lena’s relationship. First thing that Jeremy will know after the fan backlash is that YOU DO NOT MOCK A FAN’S RELATIONSHIP WITH THE SHOW. You don’t mock their shipper feelings, you don’t mock your fans. FULL STOP.

Jeremy realized this too late and the backlash has been FIERCE. Is it warranted? Yes because when someone sees themselves in the characters, they emotionally invest in those characters. Mocking that tears them apart and the LGBTI community is already in a perilous position so having added angst thrown in is just cruel.

Was it done intentionally? No, I don’t think Jeremy truly understands the LGBTI community and the need for role models. He’s a guy doing a job and he just doesn’t get it. That’s not to excuse him but it’s a way to see it from his POV. Mocking fans for their choices is just horrible.

Now we find that Jeremy and Melissa have been called homophobes, people are threatening them. This is getting OUT OF CONTROL.┬áDon’t label people you don’t know homophobes. Jeremy screwed up. He apologized. Forgive. He has learnt a lesson not to mock shippers. There needs to be some sanity thrown in here. What he did was stupid. He has acknowledged that and apologized.

Here is the video