What an incredible end to Season 2 – the start of the season was fantastic and the end was just as good. Mon-El FINALLY became the hero Kara thought he could be, J’onn finally found love with M’Gann, Lena proved how bloody smart she is (again), Cat was Cat and incredibly awesome, not to mention she revealed she always new Kara was Supergirl. Smarter than the average bear. We also had Kara battle for HER home against Rhea, played by the AMAZING Teri Hatcher – what a talent. In the end Kara is on a hero’s journey and one day she will find love – if you’re not crying by the end of this episode…there’s something wrong with your tear ducts.

Oh..and Alex proposed to Maggie 🙂

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S2x22 Marry Me Proposal from Alex to MaggieS2x22 Marry Me Proposal from Alex to Maggie
Well this was a surprise. After Kara tells Alex she needs to know that Alex and Maggie are happy, Alex turns to Maggie who came to comfort her by asking her to marry her. Well yes!

S2x22 Kara and Mon-El Farewell SceneS2x22 Kara and Mon-El Farewell Scene
This was so moving. Kara has to say goodbye to Mon-El to save him from the effects of the iron in the atmosphere because it will kill him. Kara has Alex bring her own spacepod to protect Mon-El as he leaves the planet.

S2x22 Mon-El Becomes The HeroS2x22 Mon-El Becomes The Hero
Mon-El finally stepped up and became the hero and worthy of Kara’s love as he took on the Daxamite soldiers in Season 2 Episode 22 “Nevertheless, She Persisted”

S2x22 – M’Gann and White Martians To The RescueS2x22 – M’Gann and White Martians To The Rescue
M’Gann heard the cry for help from J’onn and brought along some friends in the fight against the Daxamites on Earth!