Alrighty US SuperSquad you’re going to be getting Season 2 on Netflix shortly. Unfortunately for Aussie fans, you won’t be getting the show on Netflix. Foxtel has the rights and you’re out of luck UNLESS you have Foxtel, a great VPN OR you can wait until August and get the DVD or Blu-Ray. If you missed the announcement about the DVD release … go here: Supergirl Season 2 DVD & BluRay Pre-Order for 22 August!

Now if you haven’t got Netflix, you can hop on over to The CW and start watching Season 2 all over again starting June 5. Again Aussies you are out of luck (unless you have a VPN)

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When is the Supergirl season 2 release time on Netflix? You can watch the new season of Supergirl on Tuesday, May 30 – thanks to for the heads up!