Well that was some episode wasn’t it! I’ll have a review for the episode shortly but I wanted to have a separate post to deal with Alex, Maggie and Kara. This is one of the most incredible episodes of television. I keep thinking the current episode is the strongest and then they go and up the ante. It’s a superb episode and once again shows that the most powerful relationship on Supergirl is Alex and Kara.

In the last episode (Season 2 Episode 5) Alex comes to the realization that she is attracted to Maggie. This really shakes her up and she confesses this to Maggie. It was one of the most powerful coming out speeches on tv.


Alex being the character that she feels she must come out to her sister. THIS is one of the most amazing scenes I’ve seen on tv. It’s honest and raw. Chyler Lee and Melissa Benoist have such a great chemistry (reminds me of Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor) and their scenes together are INCREDIBLE.


and then THIS heartbreaking scene (although Alex does kiss the girl)


and after the rejection which was just so devastating – Kara and Alex talk


What’s next for Alex and Maggie? Maggie needs a good kick up the butt for hurting Alex…or a kiss.