screenshot_178Why does Supergirl appeal to so many people and young girls find Supergirl to be a great role model? According to the cast and crew, the show is about more about it being a superhero show with a cape and flying through the air. It’s about the family that you choose – Kara is adopted into a human family which is so relatable to so many people. It’s about empowerment and striving to be more than we are. It’s the fight we all have to be better and to strive for good.  it’s about empowerment.  It’s also about optimism and this show is about joy, lightness and finding the good in others. I love this show so much because of those themes. Today’s world is dark, gritty and disturbing. We see violent speech and actions every day – on the news and in our tv shows. I’ve had enough of violence as entertainment. Supergirl is refreshing and a breath of fresh air.

The cast also agree – check out what they said below:

Chyler Leigh, who plays Supergirl Kara’s sister Alex said fans have approached her with gratitude for the show’s portrayal of family.

“This mom was talking to me about how relevant the show was to her on family,” Leigh said. “She had two young daughters and an older daughter who was 13. She was adopted. They had this really interesting dynamic in their household, because she never felt like she belonged.”

“She related so much to Kara,” Leigh added. “To see the sister dynamic and to see it played out in a way that was realistic, where it’s not like it’s an adoptive family and everything’s great, or the parents are awful and everything’s terrible. This girl identified so much with her.”

You can read the letter here

Melissa Benoist, who stars as Supergirl/Kara, said her character is “hopeful and bright,” which sets Supergirl apart from some of the other superhero shows.

“(Kara is about) always finding a silver lining and never giving up,” Benoist said. “So I think that positivity is what we’re bringing to the table.”


“The world is a dark place,” Schechter added. “It’s nice to bring a little joy and lightness.

What do you think? What appeals to you in this show?