screenshot_273 Tyler Hoechlin is Superman in Season 2 of the smash hit show Supergirl. That was the news that was released during the San Diego Comic Con. I think you may have heard a collective grown and shudder run through the fandom. We spent Season 1 watching Supergirl find her feet and the longer the season went, the stronger she became. Supergirl was mentioned, she messaged him etc but we never got to see him. Kara battled on her own (with the help of Alex, her sister, Hank and the rest of the team at the DEO, James and Winn etc) and she didn’t have to rely on her cousin.

Then the news struck that Superman was coming and Tyler appeared with the cast at the SDCC. In my opinion too much was made of Tyler and the role of Superman. It was taking the gloss off Melissa and the cast who did a fabulous job in Season 1. I wanted the SDCC to be a celebration of the cast and the show.

I was getting more than a little annoyed by all the coverage on Tyler and not enough on Melissa and the rest of the cast. It bothered fans who expressed their hopes that Superman wasn’t going to overshadow Supergirl.

Boy were we wrong!!!! I was WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! I’m so happy to be wrong.

Tyler is MAGNIFICENT as Superman. The producers didn’t want Superman to overshadow Supergirl and that was evident in Episode 1 “The Adventures of Supergirl” – Superman was a revered hero but also a humble hero, smiled a lot and was written so beautifully. Tyler and Melissa have great chemistry and it was beautiful to watch. The gentle teasing, the quips, the camaraderie. It was a perfect package.

Welcome aboard Tyler! If they make another series about Superman with Tyler in the lead role, I’ll watch it. Absolutely. I’m now Tyler Hoechlin fan. I should have had more faith that the producers of this awesome show would not let the fans down. They didn’t.

Season 2 got off to a fantastic start (well not for James and his relationship with Kara but that’s another story).

Watch the cousins in action!