TV Line has a brief look at the upcoming Season 2 and Andrew Kreisberg has revealed more spoilers. For all the roundup of Season 2 news, head to the AUSXIP Supergirl Season 2 Subpage

  • The sinister Project Cadmus, teased in Season 1, targets the Kryptonian cousins, triggering “a chain of events that forces Supergirl and Superman (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Hoechlin) to team up,” says showrunner Andrew Kreisberg. In doing so, “They get to spend some time in each other’s lives, which they haven’t previously gotten to do,” as Kal-El schools his kin on how to “integrate both parts of her life into one.”
  • On top of that, there’s the matter of the crash-landed space pod’s passenger, Mon-El of Daxam, who is poised to be both friend and foe.
  • Meanwhile at the office, Kara’s supervisor, Snapper Carr, “is going to make Cat look warm and fuzzy,”
  • while other new faces include Lena Luthor (who in the wake of brother Lex’s incarceration “is trying to change the face of her company,” starting with a rebranding as LCorp),
  • NCPD cop Maggie Sawyer (who will have jurisdictional clashes with the DEO’s Alex) and Miss Martian (in a “great story for J’onn” aka Hank).

Kara’s isn’t the only job change at CatCo. “Winn is actually going to get fired,” says Kreisberg, “and go work for the DEO, which will be really exciting.”

RETURN DATE: Monday, Oct. 10 at 8/7c (The CW)


Source – TV Line