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New Supergirl Suit!

Well finally Kara has got a new suit! I loved the Red Daughter suit and this is quite similar but has the Supergirl touch!     Melissa posted the pic herself (and got ahead of the...

Season 5 To Premiere 6 October 2019 + New Promo Poster

We have a while to go before Season 5 begins and we found out today that it's on 6 October 2019 - Sunday. The new show Batwoman will go first and it will be followed by Supergirl! Check out the...

Photo: Director Alex Danvers of the DEO

I LOVE this photo of Alex! The newly minted Director of the DEO, Alexandra Danvers. The photo was posted on the Official Supergirl FB Page.

Supergirl Season 4 Episode 4

Season 4 Episode 4: Ahimsa Alex asks Lena and Brainiac to team up and help Supergirl; J'onn discovers new ways to help his fellow aliens after running into Manchester Black.  ...

Supergirl – Flash – Arrow Crossover Dates & Trailers

It's nearly here. This season's crossover episode. Let's start with what we know. Title: Elseworlds Seems our heroes are having a little Freaky Friday moments with the Flash and Arrow. The crossover...

Happy Thanksgiving! Do you follow azietriescooking on Instagram? Posting new recipes (with vegan and substitution option!).
For the holiday @NicoleAMaines and I are going live and making Apple Pie! I’ve never baked or made pie ever, so join us on this rollercoaster 😂

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